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Get Real Training By Professional Circus Performers!

Chimal Circus Performing Arts was started in Houston, Texas in 2008 by owner and director, Alex Chimal. His vision was to start a school bringing the true circus experience, higher level training, and real circus techinques not only to Houston, but to the entire country under the direction of a professionally trained circus performer with over 35 years of continuous experience.  For over 80 years, the Chimal family has owned and performed in circuses throughout North, Central and South America. Chimal Circus Performing Arts started as a circus summer camp and quickly grew because of the real professional circus training and performance provided…It’s Who We Are!

Students here will experience the true circus atmosphere by learning routines of various disciplines. All circus arts activities are taught by real circus professionals. Fitness, Agility, Balance, Strength, Self-Confidence and Coordination are the side products of the circus. Students will work under a circus tent and study the basic skills of circus arts. They are given the opportunity to challenge themselves, while at the same time having fun.

We Provide:

  • Classes At Our Facility As Well As At Schools
  • Summer Camp
  • Mobile Circus Arts Program For Any Event, School, Daycare, & Camp
  • Entertainment For Private Parties, Schools & Corporate Events
  • Rental Of Our Circus Arts Facility With Package Options Available
  • Have your Circus Arts Birthday Party at our place or let us bring the fun to your place

What We Teach:

  • Aerial Silks / Aerial Tissue / Aerial Fabric
  • Aerial Hoop Lyra
  • Static Trapeze
  • Swinging Trapeze
  • Gymnastics and Acrobatics
  • Juggling
  • Unicycle
  • Hula Hoop
  • Wire Walking / High Wire
  • Stilts

What We Also Have Professionally Performed:

  • Flying Trapeze
  • Russian Swing
  • Teeterboard
  • Foot Juggling
  • Aerial Straps
  • And Much More!


Our Director, Alex Chimal was born and raised in the circus. He is a 4th generation circus professional who has been performing since the age of 3. He is a world class juggler, flying trapeze artist, aerial artist, acrobat, tumbler, certified gymnastics coach with USA Gymnastics, clown and is master choreographer in the circus arts. Alex has performed other great acts such as Teeterboard, Russian Swing, Slack Wire and High Wire. Alex still performs professionally, performing in Mexico, South America, Canada, & United States. He has coached circus performers for over 20 years and currently provides private lessons as well as classes at Chimal Circus Performing Arts. He helped start a circus arts program at Northland Christian School and now teaches circus arts at various schools throughout Houston and The Woodlands. He has coached gymnastics at a competitive level for a local gym as well. As an international, professional circus artist for over 35 years, Alex has developed a unique blend of teaching that incorporates traditional gymnastics and the circus arts.

Roberto Chimal’s  first performance was when he was 1 year old in a foot juggling routine! He has spent 30 years as a professional circus performer and trainer. Roberto is trained in all areas of circus such as aerial, Russian swing, teeter board, flying trapeze, and he rides the motorcycle in the globe of death, and much more.

Stacy Orlando helps coach here at Chimal Circus Performing Arts. She is trained by Coach Alex in the Circus Arts and is fully trained in safety, stretching, and dance technique. Stacy danced, performed and competed in dance for over 12 years before going off to college. Her awards include invitation to perform in the Rose Bowl, 1st runner up dance ensemble 1992 state competition and 1991 Winner of National Champions Dance/Drill Team Competition in California. Stacy keeps up to date on the latest dance styles and continues her passion for Latin dance and ballet. Her educational expertise includes earning her BA in Communication Disorders for Speech Pathology. She is excited to pass along her knowledge and love of dance and performance to your child.

Grace Lawson is trained by Coach Alex in circus arts and is fully trained in safety, prop rigging, stretching, and dance. She has been training in aerial silks for over 6 years and performs professionally with Chimal Circus Performing Arts as well as coaches classes and summer camp students. While silks was Grace’s first love, she has trained in Lyra, Trapeze, and absolutely loves the Aerial Straps. Grace is currently working on her BA at the University of Houston which allows her to continue ongoing training, teach and perform professionally.

Sophie Frusco is our amazing flyer on the trapeze. She is intensively training with Coach Alex to pursue a career in circus. Her strengths are in stretching, contortion, and acrobatics, but she is also trained in Aerial Silks and Lyra. Sophie currently coaches summer camp students while in college and spends all her free time training with Coach Alex.