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Exciting!…Dramatic!…Dynamic!…and Fun!

These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe this versatile and imaginative entertainer.

Alex is also 1) a top-notch Juggler, 2) a daring Aerialist, 3) skilled Wire-walker, 4) funny Clown,
and 5) imaginative Show designer and Producer.

Alex’s specialty is Juggling. His audiences are amazed at his consummate skill with clubs and ball-bouncing, and they are immediately captivated by his friendly and engaging personality and stage presence. His Juggling Act opens with Club Manipulation, fast and furious, yet with a classy delivery that brings to mind a classic bullfighting toreador. He moves on to perform near miracles with Bouncing Lacrosse Balls, and everything is done with well-choreographed precision. Flaming Torches complete the act.

In addition to Juggling, Alex is also a skilled wire-walker and has developed his own original wire-walking apparatus that enables him to switch from a tight wire to a slack wire midway through his act, without set changes! You will want to view the video to see this for yourself!

Alex’s fellow performers are amazed at his wild imagination in producing unusual acts with striking visual images. “Chimal…Entertainment!” was responsible for production and design of several editions of the innovative Circus Chimera, known for its brilliant blending of the traditional and the avant garde.

A good example of this is his Neon-Lighted, High-Bouncing “StiltMan”.The “StiltMan” is the perfect novelty for your mixers and cocktail hours because he can stroll through the crowd in his bright, colorful and unique neon-lighted costume while executing leaps and bounds that seem to defy gravity – right at your guests’ elbows! This must be seen to be believed!

If your clients want something unusual in the extreme, Alex can provide his Aerial Silks.
This is a thrilling aerial act presented as no one else can, with his usual flair for the athletic and the dramatic.
Others may present this act, it is true, but Alex brings it to a new level of artistic endeavor, and makes it fun to watch!

Take a look at this act in the photo gallery and note the expressions on the faces of the audience!
Perhaps your clients are interested in the Clean Comedy of a traditional Latino-style Musical Clown. Chimalito will have them laughing at the same time that they appreciate his musical talents. This is good, clean fun for all ages!